Anna Moschovakis draws from poetry, narrative, philosophy, and documentary prose in writing that explores uncertainty, failure, power, and connection. Her recent books are They and We Will Get Into Trouble for This and the English translation of Bresson on Bresson. She is a longtime member of the publishing collective Ugly Duckling Presse and a co-founder of Bushel, an art and community space in Delhi, NY. Her first novel, Eleanor, or The Rejection of the Progress of Love, is forthcoming in Spring 2018.

Writing in The Volta, MC Hyland notes in They and We Will Get Into Trouble for This “an especially lucid formulation of the problem of point of view for the avant-garde writer, or the first-world writer, or the writer working from a position of educational, social, or economic privilege. By describing the limits inscribed by this position rather than naturalizing its effects, Moschovakis suggests the possibility of an ethics of perceptual clarity.” [view full bio]