ABOUT is a de-centered residency program offering periods of sustained focus for artists, scholars, activists, caregivers, and other individuals whose work or life would benefit from periods of sustained focus. ( is for everyone.)

To apply, submit your preferred dates, your field (if it matters), and a one-paragraph description of your goals for the residency period using this application form. You may opt in or out of sharing your name and project proposal on this site.

There is no fee to apply, and everyone is eligible. Applications are optional; all applications will be accepted. Repeat residencies are allowed; please allow for a gap of at least one (1) day before applying to a new session.

SUPPORT PROVIDED provides the following suggested autoreply, which residents should feel free to edit/expand at will: “Thank you for your message. I am a fellow at until [insert date here] and will have limited [/no] access to incoming messages or requests until my return. may be added to the ‘Awards and Honors’ section of your resume or CV, or to future applications for grants and/or residencies.

If you would like to benefit from the community of other residents, upload images of your project proposal, your process, or documentation of your work-in-process to Instagram using the hashtag Or don’t. Or, start an instance on Mastodon. Or don’t.

A physical location; funding; food.

MISSION / GOALS is a no-profit endeavor. Its goals will be defined and revised over time by the residents. Some may complete a single residency and never return. Some may establish a rhythm for repeat residencies (annual or otherwise). For some, the end goal may be to redefine non-residency time in such a way as to render unnecessary. All of these goals together, whether consciously formed in the minds of the residents or not, form’s mission.

There are no rules. Please replicate, iterate, and improve upon this residency at will.


Katie Herzog
June 9–August 17, 2023
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Marina Temkina
September 5 – October 29, 2023
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Past Residents:
Claire Donato
Anna Moschovakis


image: a portal painted by Emily Joyce on the wall of Inman Gallery, Houston TX; photo by by Allyson Huntsman